Keys to Freedom Teaching Series
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Keys to Freedom Teaching Series

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The Keys to Freedom Teaching Series is an 9-part video series (plus an introductory video) based on the foundations of Mercy Multiplied’s Keys to Freedom study. This video series is not designed to replace the Keys to Freedom study as these videos contain high-level overviews of each of the key principles from the study. This series is also not specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the study, but as a standalone piece for use as an individual or within a small group setting. Included with your purchase will be downloadable worksheets that correspond with each video to help you take the principles and directly apply them to your own life.


The principles shared in this video series are for YOU – whether young or old, male or female, new or established believers alike; our heart is to see the Body of Christ educated, equipped, and empowered to live free and stay free – to be whole, restored, transformed and ready to impact our world with a message of hope.


In this series, you will learn about the following keys for living in lasting freedom:

• Committing and connecting with Christ

• Renewing your mind

• Choosing to forgive

• Healing life’s hurts

• Breaking generational patterns

• Using your authority in Christ

• Maintaining life-long freedom


While videos may be viewed within a small group context, the video downloads are only meant to be used by the person who purchased them. Videos should not be copied or shared; however, the downloadable worksheets may be copied as needed.


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