MPower Basics Video Series
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MPower Basics Video Series

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NOTE: If videos are updated or new videos are added to the series, you will receive the updated/new videos for the duration of your subscription.

The MPower Basics video series is a collection of the basic, core teachings from Mercy Multiplied’s MPower Workshop. The purpose of MPower is to share some of our expertise as a ministry to equip men and women to effectively minister to those who are hurting and struggling in a way that brings about true healing and life transformation.

In this series, you will learn about things like…

  • What your role IS and what your role is NOT in helping others
  • How to assess if someone is ready for help
  • Practical principles for loving people well and journeying alongside them toward freedom and wholeness
  • Safeguarding yourself and setting appropriate boundaries so that you can stay healthy, whole, and safe
  • And more!

For those who have attended the MPower Workshop, this series can serve as a great refresher of some of the key teachings from the workshop. For those who have not attended, this series will give foundational training that leaves you feeling more prepared and confident in your ministry to others.

**While this series may be viewed within a group context, videos should not be copied or shared.**

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